Journalist, process leader, and instructor. Certified symbol therapist. Previously chief editor for the travel magazine, ”Turist”. Consultant and freelancer since 2000. Regularly writes travel reports from over the whole world, for example for DN, Expressen and Res. Teacher in journalism.

Cenneth holds courses and training in leadership, conflict management and group dynamics, primarily within popular charity and help organizations, sports clubs and schools, and also to businesses within media, communication and the social sciences.

With an education and training over many years in group dynamic techniques, Cenneth works with a model for non-violent communication, and has over 30 years documented experience of budo training. Cenneth trains aikido regularly holding the grade of 6th Dan, and is a chief instructor in the KFUM Uppsala aikido club.

Cenneth has for six years also been responsible for leadership training and a ten month long mentorship program for Swedish Publishers Association (Sveriges Tidskrifter).

Selection of project sponsors
Stockholm Information Service, Translitera AB, Sveriges Tidskrifter, Akademiska sjukhuset, Svenska Naturskyddsföreningen, Wiks folkhögskola, Arla Foods, KFUK-KFUM, Svenska Riksidrottsförbundet, Flygvapnet and several specialist and organization publications.
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