After more than 20 years as a journalist and travel writer, with focus on adventure, the outdoor life, food and culture, Futura Light offers insightful reports from all over the world. Everything from kayak paddling on the Norwegian glacial waters and Western riding in North Dakota, to gourmet biking in Tuscany and telemark skiing in the high alpine regions around Kebnekaise.

Cenneth Sparby is most familiar with Sweden and the Nordic countries having been the editor for the travel magazine, “Turist”, for close to 15 years. He has also travelled a great deal and written about the Caribbean, islands in the Indian ocean, countries on the Mediterranean, and the colder climes of Greenland, Iceland, Spitsbergen, and Antarctica.

Many projects have benefitted from close collaboration with, for example the ski and adventure photographer, Felix Oppenheim.

Examples of project sponsors include: Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, Expressen, Motor, Allt om resor, Gods&Gårdar, Vagabond, Lantliv and Res.

"kayak paddling on the Norweigian glacial waters and Western riding in North Dakota"