Futura Light offers on-site courses for small and medium size editorial offices that need an extra injection for writing and creativity, especially when creating editorials to facilitate change management processes, organizational development, and also topics linked to dealing with stress and conflict.

Separate writing courses and seminars are also offered around the art of buying freelance material.

Cenneth Sparby has taught at Poppius Journalist School in Stockholm for several years on the writing of feature articles, and since 2000 has had a shared responsibility for the one-year old mentorship program for editorial managers at the Swedish Magazine Publishers Association (“Sveriges Tidskrifter”).

Cenneth has also been engaged as a consultant in the restructuring of publications, for example for HSB Stockholm, The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (Svenska Naturskyddsföreningen), and several specialist publications (“Energi&Miljö”, “Cirkulation”, and “VVS Forum”).


"courses in the art of survival as an editor"