An important role of a leader is to ensure that other people get the possibility to perform their work in the best way possible. This is often at odds with the daily pressures of challenging time plans, demands on increased profitability, undermanning, and conflicts about goals and resources. The leader has to negotiate this minefield to ensure optimal performance while also conserving energy to support the individual needs of the personnel. But who supports you, the leader?

Futura Light brings you together with a small group of other leaders and managers where you will get the opportunity to take time out and reflect over your own role, and to give and take of your combined experiences.

You engage in stimulating and challenging exercises that combine mind, body and soul and explores their significance in your ability to lead. The initial aim of the training is to use integrated theoretical and practical exercises to improve your ability to deal with complex situations and people.

The long-term aim of the training is for you to develop a strong sense of self-awareness as a platform to stand on in your working, and even private life. You get a clearer view of your role as a leader, and in the process gain a reference and support group to air your questions and problems. Moreover, you take with you a personalized activity plan for your own continued work.

Take the opportunity to book in a whole or half day, and even seminars with an overnight stay. Bring along your management group or else be part of a unique group of leaders and managers from other walks of life.

The following ingredients are included:

  • Individual and group development
  • Conflict management
  • Teamwork training
  • Goal-oriented focusing
  • Strategic thinking
  • Mental training and relaxation
  • Communication without aggression


"challenging exercises that combine mind, body and soul"